The SAH Secretariat

The Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) Secretariat was established in October 2010 to enable the SAH Council to work more effectively with the government and the SAH community on the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program (PSRP). In this executive role, the SAH Secretariat ensures that:

  • The collective voice of the SAH Association is cohesive and communicated through the SAH Council to the government;
  • Information from the SAH Council and the government, as the NGO-Government Committee, is disseminated to the SAH Association; and
  • The SAH Council is equipped to design solutions with the government to address policy and operational challenges in the PSRP and the Blended Visa Office-Referred programs.

The SAH Secretariat acts as a knowledge, support and advisory hub, facilitating the organization, analysis and exchange of information and stakeholder input to and from SAHs, the SAH Council and the government.